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      Looking at starting your career?
      TABMA Apprentices and Trainees can help!

      At TABMA Apprentices and Traineees we provide continuous support, guidance and opportunities to help you reach your future career goals. Whether you want to open up your own business, be your own boss, work your way up in the corporate world, we are part of the journey to help get you there. Just think what you could achieve when you start with a powerful combination of real world, hands on experience and matching qualification.

      When you become an apprentice or trainee with TABMA Apprentices and Trainees, you will receive the following benefits:

      • Start your career – get trained, get qualified and get the job of your dreams!
      • Be paid correctly – get paid on time every week with the correct wage
      • No student debt – we pay your TAFE/training fees

      Why choose TABMA Apprentices and Trainees?

      If you’re chosen to be a TABMA Apprentice or Trainee you will:

      • TABMA Apprentices and Trainees will help you make a smooth transition from school, unemployment or other employment to the workforce – we will be with you every step of the way.
      • You will be carefully matched to a host trainer who is looking for an apprentice or trainee in the trade you have chosen.
      • We work closely with training partners across Australia and will help you with your training plan.
      • We have higher completion rates and we will encourage you to finish your chosen qualification.
      • We make sure that our apprentices and trainees are paid correctly for the work they do and look after superannuation, tax and long service leave.
      • During your apprenticeship, we give you all the support you need including mentoring and training.

      The Benefits of Being a TABMA Apprentice or Trainee

      If you’re chosen to be a TABMA Apprentice or Trainee you will:

      • be paid on time and correctly for the work you do
      • be paid for your annual leave, sick leave and RDOs
      • have the security of knowing you’re employed by a national employer
      • have flexibility in working conditions and job rotation so you can be multi-skilled
      • be provided with your personal protective equipment including work boots
      • be supported with mentoring and safety training
      • receive regular on-site visits from TABMA Apprentices and Trainees staff