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      Internal Interview Notes

      • DD slash MM slash YYYY
      • Interview Questions

      • Areas to cover: Current employment/school status hobbies and interests General information about the candidate
      • Ask for examples on skills such as tools used, computer applications etc Get them to talk through any projects or experiences including what they did, how they did it and if they would do any differently next time.... Talk about their best attributes
      • Talk to them about routine, balancing study, work and free time, committing full time etc
      • Ask the candidate if friends/family are supportive/encouraging, if they have spoken about own personal experiences etc
      • Ask about transport including how to get to, how long will it take, early/late starts and finishes if on PT
      • Recruitment Checklist

      • Score is based on how much research they have done and if they have read through our information pack, job description etc.