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      Is TABMA APPRENTICES AND TRAINEES an affordable option?

      Yes. If you calculate all the hidden costs of employing an apprentice or trainee (including your time and effort) and the experience and expertise that Tabma apprentices and trainees staff bring to the recruitment and ongoing management process then you’ll find Tabma apprentices and trainees delivers value for money. One regular invoice from Tabma apprentices and trainees is a simple and hassle free solution.

      Yes it does cost more to use Tabma apprentices and trainees than employing direct. We are providing a service to you. If you install a new kitchen yourself of course it’s going to be cheaper than getting a tradesman in to do it. People tend to use the tradesman because they want it done right and even if they could do it themselves, it’s not worth their time. It’s no different to using Tabma apprentices and trainees. The weekly payroll, the tax, super, pay slips, Award monitoring,  insurances, liabilities, TAFE fees, Group Certificates, etc. – you want it done right and even if you think you can do all that, can you spare the time?