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      Keeping a safe and healthy brain

      John Theoharris 10/15/2020 Employees

      Healthy Brain


      Not only is it important to keep the visible parts of our bodies protected when it comes to preventing injuries, but we must also remember to protect our noggin’ too! Keeping a healthy brain is super important to help us with all aspects of our life.


      Nourish your brain with a healthy diet

      • Feed your body a well-balanced diet
      • Drink plenty of water
      • Make sure to start your day with a good breakfast
      • Drink caffeine in moderation


      Enjoy physical activity

      • Exercise regularly and set goals
      • Take the stairs instead of the lift
      • If possible, walk or ride your bike to get to where you need to go
      • Go for a walk or exercise after a stressful day or on your breaks


      Make “safety first” a priority

      • Always wear PPE when required in your job
      • Wear safety helmets if you ride a bike or when playing sports
      • Always wear your seatbelt
      • When going on an adventure or long hike, make sure you have plenty of water, snacks, and the right footwear


      Relax and sleep well

      • Avoid social media, emails, and phone calls after 9pm or earlier
      • Try meditating throughout the day or exercising
      • Set regular sleep times if possible
      • Don’t go to bed until you feel sleepy


      Exercise and challenge your brain

      • Challenge your brain with fun activities such as puzzles, crosswords, Lego, or strategy games
      • Try to work something out in your head before using spellcheck or calculators
      • Learn something completely new and interesting
      • Engage in conversations with friends, co-workers, and family members


      To find out more, The Brain Foundation has excellent Information and further tips on how to keep your brain engaged, healthy, and safe!