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      Meet George our NSW Field Officer

      John Theoharris 08/03/2020 Uncategorized


      George has been working as an apprentice and trainee mentor for over a decade, and recently joined the TABMA family as our NSW field officer. George is a qualified chef and for many years ran kitchens and foodservice operations for massive functions. Eventually he handed in the apron and went on to support aspiring chefs.  George has always been handy around the house and shares our love for timber. He is excited to learn all about our industry and support our apprentices and trainees.


      How did you start at TABMA? 
      Have been with TABMA only 4 months after 11 years in a similar GTO role, commenced during COVID lockdown when everyone was working from home, challenging time.


      What skills have you picked up since working at TABMA?

      Constantly learning a little about all of the different apprenticeships and traineeships offered through TABMA, learning about CNC machines.


      What is your favourite part of your role?

      Monitoring and mentoring apprentices and Trainees, always have them show me something they have learnt.


      Where is your favourite holiday destination?

      Phuket Thailand, or anywhere near the beach!


      What’s one thing you can’t live without?

      Coffee, can’t leave home without having my first cup


      Do you have any phobias?

      Magpies during the breeding season, was swooped at last year while on a walk and fell on the road, injuring myself.


      What pizza topping do you order?

      Travelling through Italy had a potato, pear and Gorgonzola cheese Pizza which I loved


      Do you have pets?

      If so what are they called? My last pet was a Doberman called Klaus, we had him for 8 years