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      Meet Tahlia our HR Administrator

      John Theoharris 07/01/2020 Uncategorized

      Meet Tahlia our HR Administrator


      Tahlia Belotti started as a business trainee for TABMA straight out of high school. She is now employed as our HR Administrator and wears a number of hats, working across all sectors of TABMA. She is a key employee who we all rely on and is the first person you’ll speak to when you call us.


      How did you start at TABMA?
      After finishing high school I wanted to dive straight into the workforce. I saw a business traineeship advertised online and thought it would be a great opportunity as I would be able to complete a
      Certificate III Business while I worked and earned money!


      What skills have you picked up since working at TABMA?
      Definitely – self-confidence, organisation & communication skills.


      What is your favourite part of your role?
      Feeling a sense of accomplishment when I am up against a deadline and different tasks. I love the feeling of crossing things off my to do list! I also love the variety of work that I do, I’m never stuck doing one thing. Also I do believe that TABMA has a very positive organisational culture which is key to feeling motivated and inspired at work.


      What’s your favourite movie and why?
      10 Things I Hate About You – Because I love cheesy 90’s films and Heath Ledger.


      Do you have any phobias?
      Birds – all kinds of birds, as everyone at TABMA would know.


      What pizza topping do you order?
      Fire breather because I love spice!


      Do you have pets? If so what are they called?
      I have a 15 year old Jack Russell named Bella, and much to my dismay, my partner has three 4-6 foot fish tanks full of American Cichlids.