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      Pre-apprenticeships & Pre-traineeships

      Completing a pre-apprenticeship or pre-traineeship course can be a real advantage when applying to an employer for an apprenticeship or traineeship. The pre-apprenticeship or pre-traineeship teaches youth the basic skills of a particular industry, so you bring those skills and knowledge to the work place when starting an apprenticeship or traineeship.

      Pre-apprenticeship and pre-traineeship training also gives an employer peace of mind. They know that their new apprentice has experienced the industry before taking on the commitment of an apprenticeship or traineeship and are passionate about the field too! Both pre-apprenticeships and pre-traineeships are taught on campus and are conducted within a simulated workplace environment. The course starts at various times throughout the year and come in a variety of formats. One of the most popular is three full weeks of classroom based training and then a week of work experience.

      For employers this can be a week long interview where you decide if you would like to offer this young person an apprenticeship or traineeship.

      Pre-apprenticeship and pre-traineeship programs

      TABMA Apprentices and Trainees offers a range of pre-apprenticeships and pre-traineeship across Australia in:

      Building & Construction

      Timber and Building Solutions


      If you are interested in find out more and how you can assist a young person to start their career.  Please email Steve@tabma.com.au