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      Are you really getting enough sleep?

      John Theoharris 05/01/2020 Employees, Host Employers

      getting enough sleep?

      Sleep is such an important part of a healthy and productive life but so many people aren’t getting enough. If you wake up feeling sluggish, grumpy or in desperate need of caffeine then check out some of the tips below for ensuring you get the best night’s sleep possible!


      First, you need to work out the best time to fall asleep especially when you know need to be up by a certain time the next day. There is a very handy website that can help with that! It is based around the concept of sleep cycles and that it is considered much easier to wake up in between cycles rather than in the middle of one. Why not check it out and give it a try tonight?


      Switch off your bright white light on your phone. Studies show that this light causes people to have significantly worse sleep. It can be really hard not to scroll through your phone before bed, luckily most smartphones have a feature to minimise the effects this light is having on your sleep. Try automatically enabling ‘Night Shift’ a few hours before bed and see if the change in light helps you get to sleep quicker.


      Further, spending all night playing video games has been found to lead to a decrease in sleep quality. Studies have found that excessive gaming can cause delays in falling asleep and also lead to reduced time spent in the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep which is an extremely important phase in the sleep cycle.


      Lastly, avoiding alcohol, caffeine and nicotine will also assist in improving sleep quality. Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and can keep you awake for hours so should be avoided past 2 pm. While alcohol can make you feel drowsy it disrupts your natural sleep cycle and can lead to you feeling groggy and unfocused when you wake up.


      Sleep is such a vital part of overall health and wellbeing so why not try some of these tips and see if you feel better in the morning.