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      Kind Words From Happy Members

      5 Star Timbers has utilised TABMA’s traineeship services since our company’s inception in 2008.
      TABMA’s professional approach in their capacity to manage trainees hosted at our business, their willingness to ensure that trainees fit ideally into our industry demographic and their regular
      support and monitoring is an indication of the high level of service and personal commitment they
      exhibit at all times. TABMA has simply made it easy for us to host trainees by taking all the administrative hard work out of the process, delivering trade specific education and allowing us to provide practical on the job training. As a valuable asset to 5 Star Timbers, we look forward to continuing our close relationship with TABMA in the future.

      Justin Lanyon

      Hudson’s has been working with TABMA since the early 90’s in NSW and Queensland recruiting for our timber business. We have employed 80+ staff over the years through TABMA.
      In the years that have gone bye we have seen many trainees progress to be highly respected industry leaders and managers. The training undertaken provides many of our staff a great foundation to build upon. It saves us many hours in recruiting and having someone that really understands our business is extremely helpful.

      Steve Willis

      Looking from a HR perspective it makes sense for us to utilize TABMA’s expertise in recruiting apprentices. It saves so much time with advertising, interviewing and recruiting. We may not be actively looking and they come across someone that screams out Gibson’s quality. They help us mentor
      and being industry minded hold the best interests of all parties at the forefront. They have their finger on the pulse with regards to IR and are a great source of information.

      Belinda Andersen

      Having TABMA recruit our apprentice’s saves a lot of time and hassle. In conjunction with TABMA we have developed many quality tradesmen over the years. TABMA know what we require and continually hit the mark. It’s relaxing knowing that a solution to a problem can be just a phone call away. Thanks TABMA

      Brett Tancred

      Walker Bros has proudly been associated with TABMA and TABMA Group Training for many years. Together we have trained timber merchandising, retail hardware and business administration traineeships. In addition we have apprentices complete the wood machining apprenticeship.

      TABMA has an excellent recruitment and selection service however the best aspect of their service is the mentoring, maintenance, personal development and follow up they complete with the apprentices. TABMA takes the hassle out of completing apprentices and trainees

      Kerrie Guest

      Ben begun his timber merchandising traineeship at the age of 19 years. He completed his traineeship while working at Macquarie Timber yard.

      At the completion of his traineeship he continued to work in the timber yard. After spending some time working inside the hardware store, he was offered the position of Yard Manager. Ben is still the Yard Manager at Macquarie Timber today.

      Ben said that the traineeship which he undertook with TABMA was extremely beneficial. He stated that it not only gave him and introduction to the timber industry but it also prepared him for entry into the workforce. Ben felt that the traineeship developed his relationships skills which assisted him to deal with workmates and customers.

      Ben Wilkins

      Daniel was 18 years old when he began his timber merchandising traineeship. He was working at Tiling timber at the time of his traineeship and is still there today.

      Daniel is presently the Import Timber Sales person and is predominantly concerned with selling timber to external organization utilizing the telephone and relationship management skills.

      After completing the traineeship Daniel went on to complete a certificate in sales and marketing which he utilised while being a sales rep (on the road) and in his current position today.

      Daniel feels the TABMA program was not only beneficial for the knowledge and skills he obtained but he felt that the interaction between his peers in the classroom situation was essential for developing his confidence.

      Daniel David

      Alan Theabold began his traineeship when he was 17 years old.

      Since the completion of his traineeship he has remained in the timber industry. He currently is the assistant manager for Woodhouse timbers where he is mainly concerned with administration, sales and logistics.

      Alan feels that no other courses were required after he completed the traineeship. He described the TABMA traineeship program as providing him with good knowledge of the timber industry and the way it works as well a sound knowledge of timber products. He stated that he still utilises and reverts back to the knowledge that he received from the traineeship in his position today.

      Alan Theabold

      Mark began his traineeship when he was 18 about 6 months after he finished school.

      He is now the Manager at Hynes and Sons Unanderra and states that the TABMA traineeship was a good basis for the knowledge and skills he has today.

      After completing the traineeship Mark proceeded to complete a number of courses including a certificate in marketing, diploma in business management, desk top publishing and excel. He feels these courses were essential to develop him to a higher level in the timber industry.

      Mark feels the traineeship was essential and beneficial but advices others to continue developing the skill base beyond the knowledge of timber in order to succeed.

      Mark Davies

      Adam Young began his traineeship at about the age of 19 while working for Hudsons.

      He began by working in the timber yard and at the completion of his traineeship he began involved in internal sales for Formex. After six months he filled the role of sales rep and worked within the office, this lasted for 6-8 months before he moved on to woodhouse timbers as a Sales Rep.

      He has completed a Sales and Marketing course at TAFE and a number of TABMA short course to improve his skill base and career prospects.

      Adam believes the traineeship was not only 100% essential in order to get him where he is today, but he regarded the peer network that he was involved with during the duration of the traineeship was of great assistance to his learning process. He believed the program was beneficial as he was able to gain practical experience in the field and take any questions or concerns he had back to discuss with TABMA or other trainees.