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The TABMA Vision -Host Employers

Respect, Integrity and Excellence

Our goal is to be the leading Group Training Organisation employing trainees and apprentices in the Timber & Building Supply chain. We take great pride in creating opportunities to allow young professionals to realise their potential.

A Better Business Decision

  • Provide world-wide opportunities for our apprentices and trainees.
  • Enhance the image of Forestry and Timber Supply chain vocations by extensively marketing them as a highly desirable professions.
  • Work with industry associations and government to provide meaningful and worthwhile opportunities for the next generation of industry professionals (i.e. a sustainable future).
  • Collaborate with businesses to create opportunities for excellence.
  • Contribute to the development of a highly skilled nation by providing training/employment, and business development assistance to both individuals and businesses that is second to none.
  • Address the demand for the chronic shortage of apprentices and trainees , in concert with other stakeholders, to address  this shortage.
  • Supply the marketplace with passionate and enthusiastic apprentices and trainees, as well as assisting Industry address the skills needs of these aspiring youth.
  • Provide a professional and safe environment for apprentices and trainees to develop their skills, ensuring our training is of the highest standard.