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      What do Field Officers do?

      Once a successful candidate is employed with TABMA Apprentices and Trainees we provide them with a Field Officer. A Field Officer will provide mentoring to the apprentice or trainee and Host Employer for the full duration of their employment. The initiative behind this support is to assist the apprentice or trainee in dealing with any issues, (big or small) that may arise during their training period and at the same time help the apprentice or trainee to achieve their training and personal goals.

      TABMA Apprentices and Trainees Field Officers are accessible, respectful, knowledgeable, skilled and trained in assisting apprentices and trainees. The Field Officer will be in regular contact with the apprentice or trainee to encourage teamwork, co-operation, initiative and personal & professional development.

      All TABMA Apprentices and Trainees are on a scheduled contact plan and their Field Officer will attend their worksite approximately every 10-15 weeks.

      The Field Officer will schedule and meet with the apprentice or trainee and Host Employer to complete items such as:

      Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Assessments

      Providing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

      Issue counselling notices

      Discuss current training modules and relay TAFE/RTO feedback

      Answering timesheet and or training related questions

      Discuss and follow up on current and previous goals

      Performance Assessments