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      What will my business be invoiced for?

      TABMA Apprentices & Trainees is a true not-for-profit company that was established to serve the community. The Board & Management of TABMA Apprentices & Trainees are committed to the company providing a cost effective service. TABMA Apprentices & Trainees clients receive a weekly invoice that is based on an hourly charge rate.

      TABMA Apprentices & Trainees clients are only charged for the time the TABMA Apprentices & Trainees is on the job or at TAFE. There is no charge for when they are on leave, however they are still paid by TABMA Apprentices & Trainees.

      The Hourly Charge Rate covers all costs relating to:


      Workers Compensation Insurance

      All Public Holidays

      All required PPE anD
      medical assessments

      Hourly pay rate

      Annual leave – 4 weeks per year

      Sick leave

      Superannuation – 9.5%

      Annual leave loading – 17.5%

      RTO/TAFE Fees